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The following Feng Shui Researching e-Articles are written by Feng Shui Master Tsui. They are not the general Feng Shui articles and scripts that you can find in the book stores and Feng Shui websites.

They are suitable for advance study to the Western cultural background Feng Shui Fans and Practitioners.      



Table of Contents

  1. Does Chinese Feng  Shui work outside of Central China OR in Southern Hemisphere  ?
  2. Thinking POSITIVELY, when you Dealing FENG SHUI, then the FORTUNE will come to you and everything you wish that will come TRUE.
  3. Website Feng Shui tm Technology

Does Chinese Feng Shui work outside of Central China OR in Southern Hemisphere ? 


Does Feng Shui work outside of Central China region? Does Feng Shui work both in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere? How does it apply to Australia and NZ ? How does it apply to the Equatorial regions?

It is the first summary paper written in English text circulating to the Worldwide Feng Shui communities, which is regarding the query of traditional Chinese Feng Shui application differences between the Northern Hemisphere, Equator and Southern Hemisphere regions

A group of Chinese cultural background Feng Shui Masters including myself in Hong Kong and Taiwan has formed a Forum to do research and run many live experiments on this subject since 1996. I’m the only one of the Feng Shui Masters based in Australia to conduct this type of research work, and running live case studies during Feng Shui consultations for my Australian clients.

In this e-Article, I’ll try to compile and consolidate our main opinions on this subject. It will generally highlight Form Feng Shui, and Formulae Feng Shui to describe how they bring out the Application Differences between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere regions.

After you've read it, you'll have an elementary understanding of the Core Concept of this issue, and you'll also get basic background information for your further study with our Chinese culture Feng Shui Research Masters.

As well, you may find that there are some differences from what you've read and been told from the current English Feng Shui books and seminars in the market.

The full hardcopy version of this 16 pages e-Article with special Feng Shui Terms in Chinese Characters can be requested, please e-mail to rtsui@websitefengshui.com

Please enclose A$9.8 including GST (within Australia & NZ), OR, US$7 plus postage fee US$1.5 (outside Australia) in cash/postage money order and your postage address. Feng Shui Master Tsui will stamp this report by his personal Chinese Chop, and he’ll directly post to you by air mail within one week.

The Publishers can be negotiated with Feng Shui Master Tsui.


This e-Article is copyright@2000 by Rank Tsui, Feng Shui Master Tsui. All rights reserved. Both hardcopy and digital form copy is prohibited

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Here are FOURTEEN promises. Read them everyday and commit them to memory. They can EASY PROGRAMMED in your mind when you lay down on the bed, hold a ROSE Crystal in the Right Hand and do FIVE minutes Mediation prior to sleep in the night.


To be so STRONG that NOTHING can disturb your PEACE of mind.

To talk HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY to YOU and EVERY person you meet.

To make ALL your friends FEEL that there is SOMETHING special in them.

To look on the SUNNY SIDE of everything, and make your OPTIMISM come true


To be just as ENTHUSIASTIC about the SUCCESS of OTHERS as you are about your own.

To FORGET THE MISTAKES of the past and press on with the GREATER ACHIEVEMENTS of the future.

To wear a CHEERFUL COUNTENANCE at all times and to HAVE A SMILE ready for every living creature you meet.

To give so much time to the IMPROVEMENT OF YOURSELF that you have no time to criticise others.

To be too LARGE for worry, too NOBLE for anger, too STRONG for fear, and too HAPPY to permit the presence of trouble.

To THINK WELL of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world not in loud words but in GREAT DEEDS.

To live in the FAITH that the world is on your side so long as you are to THE BEST that is in you.

To SEND LOVING THOUGHTS to people you don't like.

To SERVE and TO GIVE to your fellow man in ACTION, WORD and most important of all, THOUGHT. (One positive thought negates ten thousand negative thoughts).


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How to make Visitors "Intuitively" love to deal e-Business with you ?

Website Feng Shui tm Technology


Traditional Authentic Chinese Feng Shui deals with the physical environment, in other words, our "Four Dimensional" space-time world. Beside that, this also deals with individual human being. Feng Shui is meaningless if there were no people involved in it. This practice is not quite like the interior design work in our real living environment. Most people believed that only objects and surrounding environments are involved in Feng Shui, but this is not true since human being MUST be involved in order for this practice to work.

Interior Design deals with the physical environment combining with the human five senses. Feng Shui, while includes the basic for interior design, it is also based on the mind vibrant (how you think) and 'luck factors' of the person.

As we know that all materials and matters appear in the form of vibrant. This is no exception even for a human being. The vibrant of materials, matters and mind of human being associate and connect with each other. We can "communicate" with our living environment and other people through our 'different levels' of 'Life Force' field. This is out of our space-time four-dimensional world.

It is a simple fact that traditional business needs a physical site, for instance, offices, shops and factories, as well as 'face to face' warmly and emotional contacts with the clients.

While Website e-business deals the business in a Virtual World. The physical shops and offices only appear in the form of digital images. This is another vibrant that are continuously moving on the screens of the monitors.

From the Feng Shui point of view, vibrant can interacted between:

    1. The Physical Environment
    2. The Human being Life Force Field

If you believe that your physical shops and offices have the best Feng Shui and can bring in more business, prosperity and harmony. Similar results can occur with having better Feng Shui 'virtual image shops and offices'.

If you believe your personal life characters and smartly appearance (in the existing of life force) can drive people to deal business in front of you. The same theory applies that your wishes and mind though can be expressed through in the form of vibrant to affect and target people to deal business with you even if they are over half way across the globe.

No, this is not a joke! This is an evolutional new science in the modern day. But in the ancient time, this was only known as secret religious events. These types of 'miracles' and other related phenomena are so difficult to explain that it is within the framework of rigid limitations of the academic physicists.

'Dealing' and 'Swapping' the vibrant between the physical world and virtual image world via the human Life Force field is a highly skilled and complicated Feng Shui technique. In the Feng Shui term, Life Force can be classified as a kind of ‘Chi’.

Feng Shui Master Tsui,  is the first person in the world to invent and develop such techniques since 1999. This is known as the "Website Feng Shui" tm and is currently being applied to many successful small to medium size e-business websites in Hong Kong, a city commonly recognized as the Kingdom of Authentic Feng Shui.

Website Feng Shui focuses on the e-business web home pages designing work and human-computer placement where your host server and/or main business computer are located and the person is working in there.   Your e-business web pages need to be "personally matched' to your own life characters and your fortune parameters in order to receive more traffic and to get the actual click-in potential customers for your web pages.  

The Website developers works via a 'Physical Design' technique on your web site, while Website Feng Shui can apply the 'Human Mind Processing' technique to your web pages and e-business operation office.  This means you can build a perfect and prosperous Website e-business in this most competitive virtual global market. You should also be realized that the Internet virtual world is combined with electro-magnetic vibrations and human mind vibrant or Chi. 

As you know that potential Internet clients do not physically appear in your shop/office, but in the form of energy-digital vibrant. Their interest in dealing business with you is primary based on their 'intuition', (ie. the 6th sense of mind) and your Web 'Clients-Matching' Feng Shui luck chi !!

Beside the physical content and web pages designing skills of the website, many actual cases have shown that your personal life Feng Shui situation and website Feng Shui luck are the key factors to attract more clients and generate more Internet successfully transactions.

If you already have knowledge with the basic concept of Traditional Feng Shui, you can continue to read the following core aspects of Website Feng Shui technology.

Feng Shui Application consists of two parts, they are :

In Form Feng Shui investigation, it is generally assumed that the Environment can be physically seen, touched and the objects we are dealing with should occupy 3-dimensional space.

For the site, we use the theory of Heaven-Cross and the Four Gods mapping. The term of Four Gods, you may commonly know, are expressed in the symbolic heaven animals: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise.

It can be simply said that, the Green Dragon sits at your left hand side, the White Tiger lays on your right hand side, the area in front of you with a Frontage and red Phoenix, the Black Tortoise always sits at the back to support you.

The term Heaven-Cross means the positioning aspect of the Four Gods.


Formulae Feng Shui is a set of mathematical calculations, which are bonded in pre-designed Frames.

They need some input parameters. For instance, the symbolic number combinations of the Ho-Tou and Lu-Shu, Five Elements and Kua, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Current Time, Era of Cycle as well as Life Four Pillows & Eight Characters of the site owner.

The calculated results are aspects of the Chi or vibrant. We analyze the Chi in the symbolic form of the Five Elements.

Website Feng Shui also consisted of these two parts of Feng Shui.

Of course, the original "Physical Terms" in Form Feng Shui should correspondingly mapped to a new set of "Logical Terms" which are the keys to build the virtual image websites.

There is no doubt that to run your e-business, "Two Environments" must be involved and appears in these forms:

 According to the golden rule of Form Feng Shui, the "Four Gods" must exist and enclosed the property site in a physical form to acquire the best Feng Shui luck, prosperity and harmony. It is called as "Status Form Feng Shui".

The virtual office of website is no exceptions, the "Four Gods" arrangement must be placed in a logical view, even though it may be screened on any computer’ monitor in the form of digital vibrant. This is called as "Dynamic Form Feng Shui".

The Head of Green Dragon logically matches to the URL name; it is the location of e-business shop in the World Wide Web shopping center. For instance, the http://www.websitefengshui.com

The Trail of Green Dragon logically matches to the home page’s title; it is the banner, the heart of your e-business. For instance, Website Feng Shui Consultation.

The Heaven Animal of Green Dragon represents the wealth and prosperity; it must be acted as the strongest and powerful position. It is a "single" and "simple’ symbol; by the other word, if your website title only deals with a single e-business, it will turn to the most powerful symbol of Green Dragon.


The White Tiger logically matches to the Key Words, they should appears in the URL name, title and the text in your site index page. The potential clients will use those key words to find out your site via Search Engines.

The Heaven Animal of White Tiger represents the people and human relationship; it is placed in the second strongest position. But it does not over-control and should not be as strong as the Green Dragon, or else it will make your clients run away, more business related arguments and staff will work in a disharmony atmosphere.

For instance, the key words and phases of the //www.websitefengshui.com, are 'Feng Shui', 'Website Feng Shui' and 'Feng Shui Consultations'.


The Heaven bird of Red Phoenix and house Frontage logically match to your site index.htm page. It must be presented in a clear, tidy and simple manner for the visitors to view. It must form a 'chi pond' in there and bring more visitors to walk into your home or the business core area.


 The Heaven Black Tortoise logically matches to your site out-link position, which means more popular sites and related business pages crossing-link to your site to acquire a strong backup.

The creation of balance and harmony of the 'Four Gods" is one of the key process in the Website Feng Shui tm investigation.


The process of "Five Elements Production" and "Five Elements Destruction" also contributes to the investigation of the Website Feng Shui.

The Five Elements principle is expressed in the vibrant form of light, ie. the colour scheme. This colour scheme should match to the site' owner(s) personal life parameters. Your personal unlucky or incompatible colour scheme should be avoided or be kept to the minimum in the key pages.

Feng Shui matching colours in the form of Five Elements should not "destruct" or be in conflict with each other in all pages.

e-Business has it’s own represented colour to correspond their business nature. This should be taken under consideration during the colour scheme selection in your site design.


"Yin Yang" is the core principle in the Feng Shui. In the Website Feng Shui term, "Yin" means static, it expresses in the form of text on the web pages. "Yang" means dynamic, it expresses in the form of graphic and flashing on the web pages. Yin Yang should be in balance and harmony arrangement.

According to the theory of Hyper Spaces Mathematic and ancient Feng Shui secret, a special and unique "Structural Links" should be embedded somewhere in your site. This will "logically link" to your physical business operation area where your operation main computer or server, and site owner office desk are located. Then money will be generated from there.

Your "wish", "mind" and the prosperous Feng Shui "chi" of your physical business area will then be "transferred" to the target clients’ Life Force Field, this will influence their intuition or image expression, make them to have the interest to do business with your site. This is known as the technology of Radionric Structures Transmission directly at a distance.

Of course, there are some secrets inside it, but Website Feng Shui will tell you how to achieve it and try to get the maximum holographic effect.

Therefore, Website Feng Shui tm will also look after your physical business processing area. It will ensure the locations and directions of your office desk, computer monitors and clients files cabinet are in the best Feng Shui arrangement, and be oriented to the input parameters of your date of birth, place of born and life essential Five Elements.

To achieve your prosperous e-business does not only rely on the physical "Hard" technology of website design works, but it is also co-operated with the mind "Soft" technology of modern Website Feng Shui !


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