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  integrate various ancient Chinese Feng Shui Formulae of  "Pa-Kua Eight-Doors (Eight Mansions) House & Life Compatible", “Nine Palaces (Xuan Kong) Flying Stars”,  “I-Ching 64 Kua” , “Three Eras Water Method”  and “Four Pillars Eight Characters”, as well as the most critical  condition (*note 1)  is :

   to apply 77 years old Senior Master Tsui  unique  “Dowsing Feng Shuitm technique,    together with his 45++ years Worldwide live Feng Shui Consulting experience.

Master Tsui Feng Shui Consultations are based on Authentic Chinese Feng Shui practice of 'Human-Environment Matching Theory'.   They rely on the Calculations of a Group of Feng Shui Formulae (Compass School) using the individual parameters of occupants and property owners, including : Date of Birth (4 Pillars & 8 Characters),  Weighting of Five Elements (Like & Avoid), Kua Life, (Pa-Kua) and the effective “Witness” in Dowsing process.

All the Feng Shui suggested cures, solutions and "grids" are based on the owner circumstances to minimize the renovation cost and 'Feng Shui Objects' purchasing cost. 

Your personal consulting suggestions will explain in detail from Master Tsui.

 * Note 1 :  Feng Shui consultations also apply  with  the "Dowsing Feng Shui" tm technique.  


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