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Feng Shui Master Tsui, 77+ years old who had educated from a traditional Chinese culture background is being invited now as an authorized teacher to conduct the ancient Chinese Feng Shui workshops to the Western culture background Australian in some selected TAFE Institutes, State Government, Queensland, Australia. He is the first Chinese culture background Feng Shui Master to develop the ancient Chinese Feng Shui courses and student textbooks in the Australia official Agencies since 1997. since he was born in Hong Kong.  He has more than 40+ years Feng Shui consultations experience both in Hong Kong and Australia. He

Feng Shui Master Tsui has also written some books and workshop textbooks which regarding to the Feng Shui and dowsing works.  

Feng Shui Master Tsui is a dowsing expert as well, who has membership of British Dowsers Society and American Dowsers Society.  He is the Founder and Chairman of Australia-HongKong Dowsing Research Group. He had developed an unique technique that is utilized his remote dowsing talent, integrating to the Authentic Chinese Form (landscape school) Feng Shui and Formulas (compass school) Feng Shui works since 1999.  He has written and published his first Chinese language version of "Application of Dowsing Feng Shui" textbook in the year of 2000.  It was become the first "Dowsing Feng Shui" tm Application book in the World. 

Apply Dowsing Feng Shui technique is the ONLY way to make the  "Offsite Feng Shui" consultations can be performed successfully.    Feng Shui Master Tsui now be the ONLY and FIRST Master in the World can provide this uniquely personalized  Offsite services of :

            .       "Dowsing Feng Shui" TM ,    and

            .         eBusiness "Website Feng Shui" tm   

Feng Shui Master Tsui handles every personalized consultation manually and individually. It can not be processed automatically by the means of software program.  It is because each occupant has his/her own Date/Time of Birth, Country of born and living in different environment around the World!   


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