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As you're a truly LUCKY person. You and Feng Shui Master Tsui are matched in here!  It is a very important key "medium" that may allow you to easily achieve your prosperity, harmony and business goal from his consultation advises in near future. Catch this lucky chance! Your own Life Lucky Cycle Date may be coming now.......

Recent mind-power technology revealed that human have four Biorhythms Cycles, they are : Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitional. Each of them has a different Cycle Day. Your Life Luck Cycle, is your natural psychokinetic (PK) LUCK effect. It only appears when the Emotional or Intellectual and Intuitional rhythms cycles reach the highest point, and this PK luck effect will also be accompanied with a well FENG SHUI environment where you are living and working !!   

A special computer program have been designed by Feng Shui Master Tsui which can calculate your Life Luck Cycle Dates according to your Date of Birth.   

Learn more about this, please go to FAQ page.

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     a)  Your personal "Life Luck Cycle Dates" for next 12 months 
     b)  A "Money Luck Enhancement" Feng Shui Talisman image 


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