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  1. What is the "Dowsing Feng Shui" tm ?
  2. What is the "Website Feng Shui" tm ?
  3. What is the Geopathic Stress ?
  4. What is the Psychokinetic (PK Luck) interaction with the Feng Shui environment ?
  5. Is Feng Shui similar to Interior Design ?
  6. Can I copy the suggestions from Feng Shui books to apply my own family and business ?
  7. Is it enough to apply ONE Feng Shui Formulae for a property site?
  8. How does Online (off-site) Feng Shui Remote Consultation work ?
  9. Why do I need Feng Shui Master Tsui Personalized Consultation ?
  10. Can I do pay the Feng Shui Consultation Fee by Credit Card ?

What is the "Dowsing Feng Shui" tm ? 

"Dowsing Feng Shui" is a new applicable Feng Shui subject. It is an innovated technique in the new age Feng Shui analysing process. It was invented and firstly developed by Feng Shui Master Tsui since 1999. It applies the "Dowsing Technique" together with the "Traditional Feng Shui Formulas" calculations process.  It can individually adjust the "Chi"  against to the 'target occupant' and then fit to the 'current' environment. Therefore, the 'occupant' obtains the current 'actual and really' Five Elements 'Chi' via the aura field (life force field).

The application of "Remote (off-site) Dowsing Feng Shui" may also need some occupant personal objects to be the 'witness' (such as, the Hand-writing, photo or hair). It is also recommended that a tiny of fresh soil from the target site and the photos of the target property should be acquired. They are acted as the 'environment witness'. Some special Dowsing equipments will also be utilised in the analysing process.

The first Chinese language version of the "Dowsing Feng Shui Application" textbook will be published in Hong Kong and be distributed worldwide in the year of Snake, 2001.

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What is the "Website Feng Shui" tm ? 

It is a new SUBJECT of Feng Shui for the Internet eBusiness, a new type of Feng Shui service.

Feng Shui Master Tsui is the first person to develop such technique since 1999. Website Feng Shui is focused on the ebusiness web home pages designing work and human-computer placement where your host server or business PC are placed and you are working in there.   Your eBusiness  web pages need to be "personally matched' to your own life characters and your fortune parameters in order to receive more traffic and to get the actual click-in potential customers for your web pages.   The Website developers works via a 'Physical Design' technique on your web site, while Website Feng Shui can apply the 'Human Mind' technique to your web pages and eBusiness processing area.  This means you can build a perfect and prosperous Website eBusiness in this most competitive virtual global market. You should also be realised that the Internet virtual world is combined with electro-magnetic vibration and human mind chi.      

Detail description please read the e-Article title of  "Website Feng Shui Technology" from e-Article.htm page 


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What is the Geopathic Stress ?

Geopathic Stress is caused by very tiny underground water streams and fragmented Earth Energy Lines Net which are running around the global.   It is a kind of Physical and Mind Form Feng Shui in the view of new age Feng Shui era.  

Geopathic Stress often causes poor sleep, fatigues, headaches, irritability, anxiety, anger and even breaking down of blood lymphocytes.   Geopathic Stress can be found and detected via high skilly on-site and remote dowsing talent and technique, together with dowsing devices and 'witness'. 

Feng Shui Master Tsui will include this Geopathic Stress checking process in your Feng Shui consultation service in case your resting or working area was positioned on the ground level.  If the Geopathic Stress are unfortunately found in your property, a special Feng Shui human-environment balancing method will be suggested and adopted.    

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What is the Psychokinetic (PK Luck) interaction with the Feng Shui environment ?

It has been common knowledge that some people are just naturally "lucky".  Everything they touch turns to good fortune. What is not so commonly know (in fact it is generally not known at all) is that an individual "luck factor" can be changed along with well applied ancient Chinese Feng Shui fortune works, and can be predicted by calculating individuals own life "lucky cycle" dates. 

Firstly, it is obviously that by applying the RIGHT Feng Shui fortune, it works. Another observed fact about PK effects is that some kinds of luck appear to be cyclic. That is psychokinetic interaction appears to run in cycles. The problem we have had is to be able to determine what these cycles are and how to predict them.

For a start it seems that there are two kinds of luck. The first is what we considered to be a "random event" in which anything could happen unexpectedly. The second kind is the most important. It is created by your personal ability to interact with your well Feng Shui environment in a positive creative way.

Some of the world most eminent Quantum Physicists are actively trying  to link Human Consciousness to Einstein Theory of Relativity. These adds credence to the suspicion that mind-power technology together with Feng Shui applications might be the next human evolution after computer technology.

It is similar to the discovery of electricity and magnetic fields in the19th century. Nobody understood them because they were the science of the 20th century. Mind-power technology is basically the science of the late 21st century -- it is alien to everything we currently understand about the laws of physical reality and it is viewed with suspicion in certain quarters because it threatens to provide a mechanism how reality works, but with these evolutional technologies, we can be modified at will!  

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Is Feng Shui similar to Interior Design ?

Not exactly but it is relatively.  Feng Shui is an intuitive art to handling the cosmos unseen "CHI". Chi is operating out of 3-dimensonal environment. Interior Design is a physical landscape art to placing "Materials" in a harmony manner. 

Feng Shui processes is based on targeting person Date/time/place of Birth, gender, and then integrated with various ancient Chinese traditional Formulas and Form Feng Shui. Also, this also may be applied with the Building-Biology knowledge in the modern urban environment. 

Generally, Feng Shui consists two main aspects, one is "Form or Landscape Feng Shui" which is mostly using five senses to feel, another is "Formulae Feng Shui" which involves some calculations (in many formats) and sixth sense to adjust.

"Form Feng Shui' is quite similar to Interior Design works.  Most Western Culture background Feng Shui Partitioners have mixed the concept between Feng Shui and Interior Design. This is because "Form Feng Shui" is quite easy to learn and can be applied easily to the landscape in the common sense level.  Almost 95% of non-Chinese language Feng Shui text reference books in the bookstores are written in this mixture manner.  

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Can I copy the suggestions from Feng Shui books to apply to my own property ? 

You can do it by your own, but it is only for hobby and interest. 

All the descriptions, formulae calculation methods, pictures, objects and tips in Feng Shui books are based on public market needs, common senses and general reading in the hobby manner.  

Professional Feng Shui application must accompany with individual being life characters and  'parameters'.  No property or site can be prior to defined as good Feng Shui or bad Feng Shui until WHO (ie. the 'target occupant')  is living in it. 

We're a real living human being, we have different date, time of birth and place of birth. Do you believe that Human Beings are just divided into only 8 groups or 12 catalogues ?

Feng Shui is very different from simple calculation process (add/subtract, etc) or copying works from others.        

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Is it enough to apply ONE Feng Shui Formulae for a property site ?  

In the "Formulae Feng Shui" school, there are many different formulas used according to various environments and situations. 

How do you mix them together in the live case applications?  They are extremely complicated in the Feng Shui processing works.   In the Feng Shui classroom, by learning, reading books and doing exercises, students can only utilise one particular Feng Shui formulae on each property site.  The purpose of this is to enable students to learn and experience the Feng Shui practice with ease and minimal amount of time.

In reality, this does not work well in the real world for the real situations.  This is because that there could be many different 'calculated results' while applying different Feng Shui formulae in the same environment.  How do you determine which 'result' is right or inappropriate ?  The key requirement for all professional Feng Shui Masters is to be able to 'integrate formulas skill and with wealth practical experience'. They should fully understand the ancient Chinese language and the authentic Chinese Feng Shui philosophy as well.  There is also a need to understand which 'input parameters' should be selected for different environments in the real World, and this comes from years of consultations experiences and many more practices.            

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How does Online (off-site) Feng Shui Remote Consultation work ?

Remote Dowsing talent and technique are the main keys in the On-line (off-site) Feng Shui remote investigation.  Occupants need to provide personal data and 'witness' individually. The interior and exterior photos of property, property floor-plan,  location, surrounding environment photos etc, are to be provided compulsory.   The 'witness' and photos should be gathered recently, as they will be used in the remote dowsing process via dowsing tools.  Off-line Feng Shui Masters must have considerable wealth experiences in on-site Feng Shui consultations for the investigations to work.  Feng Shui Master Tsui is the first in the world to seek and developed the merging process of  Authentic Chinese Feng Shui and remote "Dowsing Feng Shui" ™,

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Why do I need Feng Shui Master Tsui Personalized Consultation ?

Feng Shui Master Tsui handles every personalised consultation manually and individually. Feng Shui can't be processed automatically by  means of software program or any other form involving automatic.  It is because each occupant has his/her own unique Date/Time of Birth, place of birth and the environments they live in. Master Tsui need to spend 6-7 hours approximately for each consulting case that includes the handwriting analysis and recommendation report individually.   You can imagine that Master Tsui can only perform one off-site consultation every working day. 

IF you do want to get Feng Shui Master Tsui personalized Feng Shui consultation, this truly means that you're a LUCKY person.  As You and Feng Shui Master Tsui are well matched!   This is a very important key media factor that may allow you to easily achieve your prosperity, harmony and business goal from his advises.

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Can I do pay the Feng Shui Consultation Fee by Credit Card ?

Credit Card provides its 'credit' are not your real pocket money, that is, you are borrowing money temporary from the Bank and Bank pay someone on behalf of you.    In the Chinese tradition, the Feng Shui consultation fee should be paid by your own 'Pocket Money', as it can bring real wealth LUCK to you!   It is suggested that you should pay your consulting fee from your own pocket, whatever by cash notes or money order or personal cheque, but never the 'borrowed money' from the Financial Institutions.  If you can not get your own money, please DO NOT ask any Feng Shui consultation service until you are able to earn the real money by yourself!   You SHOULD trust the Master who can provides the services for you.     


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