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Insightful and meticulous with 47+ years of experience in traditional Chinese Feng Shui Consultations. 77+ Worldwide.

Master Tsui's services include:

(1) Online Feng Shui Consultations for : home, business, office, shops, retail outlets, restaurants, new property development and build new home. Price from AU580 to AU950. Ask a free quotation.

(2) Online Worldwide Feng Shui Consultation via E-mails, Text messages, WeChart, WhatsApp, Google Map, snapshots Interior placements and snapshot draft Floor Plans. Your analysis and audit offsite Feng Shui report consists wealth sector, love relationship sector, health sector, lucky sector, unlucky sector, death sector, ill sector and prosperity sector on your house floor plan. Energy balancing with suggested colour scheme, material, deco, furniture placement, remedies etc. Price from AU580 to AU950.

(3) Online Persoanl Astrology Reading, Personal Feng Shui Ba-Tze Reading and Analysis, this report consists your whole life fortune view, wealth, love, relationship, carer, colour favour, health, to-do, not to-do etc descriptions, as important that extra includes your 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60 etc every ten-years interval time lucky and unlucky life cycle chart from your new born year. Price AU380.

Feng Shui consultations, please contact Master Tsui:

E-mail : tsuireport@yahoo.com.au and ranktsui@qq.com

Mobil text : AU (61)- 0402 380 469 OR China (86)- 139 269 380 94

Beginning his career in Hong Kong in 1975, Senior Master Tsui has provided Chinese traditional Feng Shui services to 4950+ clients Worldwide. Since 1990 Master Tsui has developed and conducted the first Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Courses in TAFE of Loganlea, Mt Gravette, Bracken Ridge and Redcliffe of Queensland, Australia. In 2001, published and wrote the first Chinese edition of "Dowsing Feng Shui Application" researching book in the World.

Master Tsui Feng Shui consultations integrate "Form Feng Shui" and various Authentic Feng Shui Formulae including Pa-Kua Eight Doors, Flying Stars, I-Ching 64 Kua, Three Eras Water Method, Personal Four Pillars Eight Characters (Date of Birth), Geomancy Space Clearing, Dowsing Feng Shui, INTUITION and live experience.

The quality of Feng Shui in natural environment is only one aspect. It is that if the Feng Shui of a house itself is not conducive to human being's living, no one can live in it. Whether the owner living in the house can interact with the magnetic field of the environment, so as to have a good and positive magnetic resonance.

So whether auditing the Feng Shui of a house or an office or a shop, the first thing to do analyzing is the pattern of the owner's Eight-Characters against to his Date of Birth, to find out Owner and his family member "Matching" and "Unmatching" Five Elements. Do they correspond to the interior pattern of the house floor plan layout, direction facing to, main bedroom and other bedrooms?

If Feng Shui Masters don't understand human life Eight-Characters and Five Elements relationship against to client's Date of Birth, how can do about Feng Shui Consultations and balancing the "Yin" and "Yang" energy for the living micro environment ?

Only in this way we can see the Feng Shui of the house where he lives through the Eight-Character pattern of the owner and the joyful use of "Matching" and "Unmatching" Five Elements. If the Feng Shui of this house is OK, there are some problems more or less, then Feng Shui Masters should be adopted to solve or adjust the interior layout in some ways. Thus, it can play a positive role in promoting and promoting the fate of the owners, and achieve a high degree of harmony between human and nature.

Key Points of Business Feng Shui

The success or failure of a business generally depends on three Feng Shui factors, they are : Environment, Location and People. The purpose of running a business is to earn money, if you want to get rich, you need to have the energy field to get rich.

Feng Shui role is to make the enterprise financial fortune long-term, or to change the current decline. In accordance with the principle of Feng Shui coordinate to the Human Being, the pattern of business prosperity energy field adjustment is by no means a stereotyped model, but varies from person to person. So what kind of criteria should the Business Feng Shui energy field layout follow? Please consult Master Tsui Online Business Feng Shui Analysis and Auditing Consultation.

Master Tsui Online Business Feng Shui caring of : avoid negative energy influences, centered on me, accumulation of positive energy, better lighting, the position and orientation of the Boss desk, etc.

It is a PURE Feng Shui Consultation. One DOES NOT need to purchase extra expensive Feng Shui Products and Remedies. Master Tsui, works with what you have and will recommend if necessary, changes you need to make such as, replacing or removing or altering your own arrangements within your property to blend in with your decoration.


Traditional Authentic Chinese Feng Shui does not a kind of general business service. It can not value for money.  It does not rely on the Feng Shui commercial remedies or products.  It can not merely copy the tips or suggestions from training courses, books, scripts and websites,  or  just make an uniform "computerized report"  to suit your personal and your family circumstances.

On the internet anyone can claim was a Feng Shui Grand Master, or Senior Master, or Master, or Practitioner, etc.  But you can easily to verify their qualifications and experiences via many channels, for instance, do has written any outstanding Feng Shui researching book in "Chinese Language Text" and published to the public by the famous publishers in Hong Kong (the Kinghom of Feng Shui), Taiwan or/and China. 

People those claimed who have been learnt various Feng Shui School including Form, Formula, Pak Kua or Flying Stars from the general English Feng Shui books and private training courses, but if the students CAN NOT read Chinese language and DO NOT understand the traditional Chinese culture, then of course who CAN NOT provide appropriate Feng Shui advices to you!

Some Australia Feng Shui practitioner students who stated that Flying Stars school is the most accurate Feng Shui theory ! IT DOES NOT ! Although, it is most hardly learn for the non-Chinese culture students. However, beside the in-deep knowledge of various Chinese-based Feng Shui theory, the intuition and experience are the most CRITICAL process in the consultations !

If you follow their inappropriate advices that is worse than you nothing to do ! But if you enjoy their excellent Feng Shui selling skill with fluent in English that you can go, it is your choice ! Feng Shui Master does MATCH to you or not, it is likely linked to your current lucky or unlucky aspect from the authentic Feng Shui point of view ! BE CARE to select the right one!



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