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New Property Development Consultation


> Which advises you will get :

. You can provide up to three (3) copies of your favour Architectural floor plan layouts from your local Property Developers and Master Tsui will analyze all of them for you

. Master Tsui will recommend ONE of them to you after the detail analysis, which is the most compatible to you and your family members

. Master Tsui will also recommend the rest to you but mark them as (option 2) and (option 3) for your choice

. Show and adjust the best Feng Shui facing direction (in nearest degree) of the front entrance; compatible master bedroom location, the arrangement of all kid bedrooms, study and home based business area, kitchen, etc.

. All beds placement and facing directions advises

. Windows and side doors arrangement advises

. Interior and Exterior lucky colour scheme suggestion

. Material of the major furniture and decorations, which are suitable to your own life and compatible to your family members

. Exterior/gardens landscaping arrangement suggestions

. Geoparthic stress (Earth Energy Lines) remote Dowsing and redirection/removal, if you've provided land block dividend layout from property developer

. Feng Shui tools and objects (if necessary) placement advises

. Any special areas, questions and queries you want to answer

. Post-consultation (one month period) queries replying services via e-mail or by post (with layout if any)

. Provide some Provide some Prosperous Date(s) for you to select, and use one of them for starting to build your new property; then THIS DAY will be the Birth Date of your new property ( but please tell us which months you want )


All advises and suggestions will be listed on a handwriting Report with skeleton clearly marked point by point, and signed by Master Tsui. This consulting report is customized to suit your own Environment and Life. It is not a computerized report.


A FREE report of your personal psychokinetic (PK) luck cycle dates for coming year will be provided.    

A FREE special Feng Shui messaged 'Talisman' for "Money Luck Enhancement" for your new property will also be enclosed.  Details please click on Free Gifts page.    


 > What do we want from you :

To help you to achieve best Feng Shui environment and  prosperity, Master Tsui need the following details information please.

.   Name of all occupants (max. 5) with gender, date of birth (with time if know), where of born (city & Country) and the  name of property owner written on the paper  by handwriting 

. Architectural floor plan layouts (maximum of three  different layout) that obtained from your local property developers, or hand draw (on grid paper by scale)

. Show any big furniture with material type, swimming pool, garden shed, special decoration objects, etc which you want to place in your new property

.  A Street Directory map of your area where your property and ground marked on it, with North direction

.  and (if any), a new land blocks dividend layout where to mark your new property will be sited at

.  New property or land block full address including postcode

.  Recent photos of surrounding area and land block with simple descriptions and directions on the back

.  Any other aspects, questions you want to ask and analysis

. Your current contact address, phone/fax number, e-mail


> How much you pay :

This personalized Feng Shui analyzing and investigation project will spend at least seven hours work in offsite office, the normal fee is US$688. But, at moment it only just cost you US$350 or AUS$450 or equivalent Currency amount (this amount will be updated from time to time). 

The consulting fee will include FREE ONE Month Post-Consultation services, and any related queries, questions you may arise via e-mail or fax or by mail within one month after received your consulting report.

> How do you pay :

 We are  believed that all of us on the Earth to dealing the Feng Shui must at all time be honest, spiritual, sincerely,  positive-minding and trustworthy in their daily life.    

We suggest the following payment methods for you to consider :

(1)   You can pay by US$ or AUS$ thru Bank online transfer of the quoted consulting fee with no no bank clearing charge.

(2)   OR, you can suggest your favor payment method to suit your own circumstance, we wish to keep you in peace of mind during our consulting and remote dowsing process. Please send an e-mail to talk with Master Tsui.

Your detail information as above mentioned and payment, please send to the following address by air-mail, and following an e-mail :

                Feng Shui Master Tsui

              P. O. BOX     2213

              RUNCORN,   BRISBANE,  

               AUSTRALIA,       Q4113

Upon received your detail information and payment, we will send you an e-mail to acknowledge this immediately.

*Note : Why we don't recommend you to pay consulting fee by Credit Cards, please click on FAQ page to read.



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